Rules for parade participants

  1. Each unit must provide its own banner or sign-stating name.
  2. Objects (candy, fliers, etc.) are NOT to be thrown along the parade route.
  3. Distribution of literature in the parade is prohibited.
  4. Equestrian units MUST provide a “clean up detail” behind their unit. Equestrian units that do not have a clean up detail will not be permitted in the parade.
  5. Marching or entertaining units: Please be aware of any signs along the Route stating “TV Camera ahead.”
  6. Entertainment units may, perform in front of the reviewing stand ONLY.

There is a performance time limit of two (2) minutes per entry.
Do not stop the parade and leave large gaps prior to reaching the reviewing stand.

Information for float entries

Participants shall not be allowed to ride / or perform on floats when:

  1. Exposed to open rotary equipment, pulleys and other such devices.
  2. Devices and/or platforms not well secured while participants are sitting, standing and/or performing.
  3. Handrails and/or Grab Bars have not been provided. Parade participants shall not be allowed to throw and/or distribute materials from floats during the parade.
  4. Dancing and/or similar activities shall not be allowed on floats while in motion

These rules must be observed. All floats will be inspected for possible safety hazards.
The Parade committee or Strawberry Festival officials reserves the right to prohibit obviously unsafe entries from participating in the parade.

Click here for a Parade Application.

Click here for the Parade Letter.